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All Kinds of Indoor and Outdoor Flooring

Multi-layer Engineering Wood Flooring


To a variety of high-quality wood cut into thin slices and then criss-crossing the high temperature pressure paste made. So that multi-layer solid wood flooring structure is more stable anti-deformation, anti-cold shrinkage expansion, can be customized different sizes, color and surface effect.

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Timber Flooring


All wood is produced by environmentally friendly forests management, cut down, and then by drying, cut personal color, six-sided paint, resistant to moisture, natural beauty, variety of wood options, access to size of institutions and families selected.



Wood Plastic Composite Flooring


Wood Plastic Composite – ingredients are natural plant fiber (sawdust, bamboo powder, paddy) with recycled plastic resin (PP, PE) mixed in proportion, after high temperature extrusion and other processes,



waterproof, moistureproof, pest control, flame retardant, not deformed, do not fade, no paint required, can be recycled, with environment protection.

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​​Natural Smoke Wood Flooring


Natural Smoke Wood through high temperature smoked technology, so that wood fiber damage, can reduce the insects and bacteria erosion, also reduce the cold shrinkage of wood and then coated with environmentally friendly natural plant wax oil. Protect the wood: waterproof, moistureproof, do not fade, there are different colors for the user to choose.

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