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Waterproof Works and Glass House Works

Waterproof Works

Krystol T1 & T2 waterproofing system is a surface - applied crystaline waterproofing treatment for concrete structures that is used to protect against the ingress of water.  It is a dry powder, that when mixed with water becomes a coating that is applied to the inner or outer sides of concrete structure.


Krystol T1 & T2 contain Kryton’s unique and proven Krystol technology which reacts with un-hydrated cement particles to grow millions of needle-like crystals deep into the concrete mass.  Over a period of weeks and months, these crystal grow, filling the naturally occurring pores and voids in concrete, and permanently blocking the pathways for water and waterborne contaminants.  Later, if cracks form due to setting or shrinkage, incoming water triggers the crystallization process and additional crystals begin to grow, filling cracks and ensuring that the structures waterproofing barrier is maintained and protect.  The concrete itself becomes the waterproof layer and the surface treatment is not required to remain intact for the system to be effective.

Key Benefits

  • Permanently waterproofs the concrete

  • Increases reliability and quality control

  • Lowers the cost of waterproofing

  • Increased durability decreases building maintenance and repair costs.

  • Impervious to physical damage and deterioration

  • Protects reinforcing steel against corrosion

  • Superior performance enhancing your reputation for high quality works.


Product Catalogue

Glass House Works

The glass house is a non-traditional building; the main purpose is close to nature, enjoy the sun, leisure and so on.


Can be built in the complex floor rooftop, private back garden, as long as especially designed, you can put the glass house as a living room, entertain friends.


Glass House can be divided into two kinds of active and inactive.


Glass Engineering Catalogue

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